Stone Care

Stone, in its natural form, without any sealing, will develop its own patina over time. This would include natural wear and tear through age and exposure as well as stains from dropping that red wine at the fabulous party you had last year to spilling a bowl of spaghetti sauce when the dog jumped on you because he wanted to see what was for dinner. In many parts of the world, the patina is part of the character of the stone and is prized. Even though stone appears very dense and looks like nothing can penetrate it, nothing could be further from the truth. Stone can absorb what lands on it just like wood or carpet, due to its porosity. Stones have different porosity because of the different mineral composition and geological formation that occur in nature. All stones are porous; some are just more porous, due to how they were formed.
If you want your stone to maintain its “just installed” look, it will need to be protected by being sealed. Sealed stone is easier to clean and resists staining. There are sealers that protect your stone from water as well as sealers that provide oil repellency. We recommend Stonetech© Professional products when sealing your stone. We have found their products to be highly effective.
Once your stone is sealed, you will want to use the correct products to clean and maintain it. Highly acidic, ammonia, abrasive or alkaline cleaners may break down your sealer. Stonetech Professional Revitalizer© is an excellent neutral stone cleaner that provides protection for your stone by adding sealer to it each time you clean.
You can enhance your stone to bring out the color and variation in it by applying an Enhancer to it. There are products that will both enhance and seal at the same time. Sealing stone with Stonetech Enhancer Pro© intensifies the color of the stone and it appears livelier while being protected from water based and oil based stains.
We carry Stonetech© Professional products. Please give us a call if you are interested in purchasing these excellent sealers and cleaners.

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